Members and cooperation

Members of the consortium

The Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health (CIZG) is a structural cooperation, in the form of a network organisation, between the following healthcare and research institutions:

CIZG executive board

CIZG Advisory Board

  • Prof. J.W.A. Smit, chairman
  • Mrs. J.D.C. Geel
  • Mrs. G.C.J.M. van Hest
  • Mr. J.I.M. de Goeij
  • Prof. J.F. Jeekel
  • Mr. A. Reigersman
  • Prof. S. Vohra (Canadian consortium and director of IHI)
  • Prof. A. Haramati (US)

International cooperation

The CIZG works closely with:

  1. The Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health in the US, established by the academic medical centres of Duke University, Harvard University, and Stanford University, among others, which now has more than 70 members.
  2. The academic consortium in Brazil, supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.
  3. Consortium Canada, Integrative Health Institute (IHI), a collaboration of several universities, faculties, scientists and medical educational institutions.