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Know the Science of Complementary Health Approaches: What the Science Says | NCCIH

NCCIH’s “Know the Science” initiative is a resource to help consumers better understand complex scientific topics related to health research so they can be discerning about what they hear and read and make well-informed decisions, especially about complementary and integrative health, where many approaches are readily available in the marketplace and are often selected for self-care. The Know the Science initiative covers topics such as drug-supplement interactions, the facts about health news stories, placebo effect, health-related risks, and the myths about “natural” products.

The Chopra Library for Integrative Studies & Whole Health

This site is dedicated to the Chopra Library for Integrative Studies & Whole Health, formerly known as ISHAR. This is a scientific reference library funded by the Deepak Chopra Foundation, not to be confused with a personal library of books by Deepak Chopra. We are archiving a world collection of cultural and scientific knowledge, research and discussion with an emphasis on integrative medicine and consciousness studies, eventually including all notable subjects therein.